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There's Rules For Some And Rules For Others

Whilst a Victorian boating licence can be used in NSW and a NSW boating licence can be used in Victoria, there are some subtle but very important differences between NSW and Victorian rules and regulations.


For those people intending to travel interstate, which can be a daily occurrence living on the NSW/Vic border, you must be mindful of where you are when boating and the local rules that apply on that waterway.  This is a major issue all along the Murray River with a huge amount of Victorians fishing, boating, skiing, wakeboarding and riding a PWC on the river. 

The Murray River is classed as NSW waters and as such, everyone navigating on the Murray must adhere to the NSW rules and regulations.  This also includes The Ovens River upstream from Bundalong to Perolas Bridge even though it is in Victoria.

Some examples of different rules and regulations between the two states are:

  • When a boating licence is required;
  • When a vessel needs to be registered;
  • When you are required to wear a lifejacket on vessels under 4.8m;
  • Safety equipment required to be carried on vessels;
  • Age of observers when towing;
  • Wakesurfing – currently illegal in NSW but legal in Vic.

Most, if not all of these examples, can have a dramatic impact to your day on the water if you are detected committing an offence in NSW for example even though you thought you were doing the right thing or vice versa.    

So the moral to the story – do some research if you are traveling interstate and ensure you are up to speed on the local rules and regulations and enjoy your day on the water.

If you are unsure about the differences between the NSW rules and Victorian Rules don’t hesitate to contact Border Boat Licence for clarification.  We are local, we know the subtle differences and we are here to help make your day on the water as safe and enjoyable as possible.


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